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Update #1

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Good day, dear players of our server, today there will be a server reboot due to updates.

The res for voting for the server has been changed, from 3 res has become from 1 reset.
Revised the date of the castle siege, now the castle siege will take place every week.
Replaced spots in the Stadium with simpler ones
Added VIP account for 24 hours for new registered accounts,
and pet (Scarecrow) for 24 hours.
Trimmed range of monsters in Hades
Party Max Level Difference,
cut lvl in the party before it was 130 lvl, now 50 lvl
Chaos Castle Min User was changed 2 to 1
Increased Lucky Coin Drop by 10% in Kalima 1,2,3,4.
Edited shops in Davias, now all items there will be sold for zen.
Added a small percentage of drops of parts to the Devil Square and Blood Castle evets
Increased the drop of Cherry Blossom Play-Box by 20%
added monsters to the map Noria Red Mouse х5pcs (Regen Time 1 hour)
The coordinates are random, you can knock out top skills for all classes.
Opened a web shop with minimal sets of sets
All purchased goods in the web store can be returned and exchanged for others in the future.

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